So Big! Life with One-Year-Old Cole

Mom and Dad describe life with their one-year-old trouble maker and all around cutie pie Cole!

Friday, April 24, 2009

So, um, Sticky!

So Cole is an eating machine lately. This morning, he had two bottles, a smoothie, some orange juice and four mini waffles over 90 minutes. Granted, Cole's food consumption typically is only about 60-70% of what's in front of him (except for bottles), but that's still a lot of food.

So, this evening, it should come as no surprize that Cole is hungry. After two large oranges and a snack pack of edamame, he was finally full. And SUPER sticky. This mostly has to do with how Cole eats an orange. As I was telling Dave, it most resembles a vampire and his prey.

Cole doesn't actually eat oranges. Rather, he sucks all of the juice out and leaves behind the pulpy flesh. In the process, he becomes the stickiest child ever.

This evening it only took three baby wipes and lots of cute giggles to clean him off and get him ready for bed. We will see what tomorrow brings!


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