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Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Year, New Blog

So, we kind of started to suck at the whole blog thing towards the end of Cole's first year. This happened for a variety of reasons:

1. Cole got to be a lot more curious and, therefore, a lot more work
2. We started a whole bunch of time consuming home improvement projects
3. I really don't have much time during the day to blog and Dave's on his computer a lot at night (that's where we store pics) so I don't get online to post photos that much
4. We're really really lazy

To fix this situation, I've decided to start uploading photos from our mini camera that I keep in our diaper bag to my computer. So, the photos won't be quiet so good, but there will be a lot more content. And, I've decided to put blogging back on my to-do list so more of our friends and family can keep in touch with us and watch Cole grow (somedays, truly before your eyes!)


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