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Sunday, April 6, 2008

No Updates?

Things have been going great here at the Schwabel home. We hit a very rough patch during week three when nothing seemed to be going right - Cole was fussy and I was hit with a number of medical issues (none major, but when piled up on top of each other, extreamely frustrating!). Hence the lack of updates!

Thanks to modern medicine and a better knowledge of Cole's cries, things are going much better here! Cole is more and more amazing each day. Today, he flashed us his first unquestionable smile. He followed it with about 100 more! It was magical!

Since March 4th, Cole's gained quite a bit of weight (he now weighs in at over 10 lbs.) and is starting to look a lot more like a little person and less like a baby. He's alert - he loves sitting under his activity gym - and turns his head from side to side. He's becoming more predictable as well - we can identify his hungry cry, his burp me cry, and his I'm too tired cry now.

Dave and I are becoming better parents as well - being home with Cole is a breeze and we're starting to feel more rested. Granted, I go to bed at 9 p.m. each night and Dave and I don't sleep in the same room at the same time, but we're well rested!


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