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Friday, February 29, 2008

Progress Update

Still no baby, but lots of baby news as Schwabel Baby Central. I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I had another non-stress test due to decreased movement (the baby's movement really hasn't decreased - he's always been a pretty quiet baby and the doctor wanted to make sure everything was okay) The baby looked good and I had a ton of contractions!

Also, for some reason my blood pressure was high and the doctor asked me to return on Friday to have it checked again (I had it checked 4 times on Wednesday). During today's appointment, the nurse practioner said everything looked good, my blood pressure was down, and I had made a lot of progress. She speculated Baby Schwabel would be here by 3-7-2008!

Seeing as 3-3 and 3-7 are the two dates that keep sticking out in my head, I'm feeling pretty confident that our little guy will be here soon - and I might have time to fit in a movie or two ;)


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